Should voting be mandatory in the

Describe Policies and Procedures Rule 4 -6 also requires advisers to describe their proxy voting policies and procedures to clients, and upon request, to provide clients with a copy of those policies and procedures.

The revised rule requires advisers to maintain only documents that they created that were material to making the voting decision. Nor are we, as some commenters requested, providing a list of approved procedures.

Mandatory voting is not a violation of liberty or freedom when it is the sole action that keeps it alive.

For example, the adviser may manage money for an employee group, or an executive of the adviser may have a spouse or other close relative who serves as a director or executive of a company.

The elimination of registration as a separate bureaucratic step can result in higher voter turnout. In Italy the Constitution describes voting as a duty art.

But, as I say, we are dealing with human beings.

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The FRFA also discusses the effect of the rule and rule amendments on small entities. They must be reasonably designed to ensure that the adviser votes in the best interest of clients. Yet jury duty, the draft, going to school, and taxpaying all have been compulsory without being called communist OK, three out of four.

Forest Service in Yampa. Investor Relations Proxy Insight data helps you identify prospective clients who are struggling with sub-par shareholder support, and equips you to offer better, more targeted outreach programs. Effective Date New rule 4 -6 and the amendments to rule are effective thirty days after publication.

By not mandating specific policies and procedures, we leave advisers the flexibility to craft policies and procedures suitable to their businesses and the nature of the conflicts they face.

Compulsory voting

The additions and revisions read as follows: Third, mandatory voting would prompt more Americans to pay attention to the choices. Cultural factors[ edit ] Wealth and literacy have some effect on turnout, but are not reliable measures. Which makes sense because, in order to apply penalties of any kind, StatsCan has to go through the Justice Dept a court case.

The least we can do now is treat that right like a responsibility. Further, the final rule substantially narrows the requirements for keeping documents material to the adviser's voting decision.

Voter turnout

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No, Statistics Canada “surveys” are not mandatory. The law is clear, scroll down to THE SHORT OF IT ON “SURVEYS”. ASIDE (Most of you know this and can skip!): The questions about Surveys are made worse by the involvement in the data processing at StatsCan of the American military-industrial-surveillance complex – – Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Proxy Insight has become the world’s leading source of information on global shareholder voting, since launching in April is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that presents research, studies, and pro and con statements on questions related to controversial issues, including illegal immigration in the United States.

Brookings Institution scholars William Galston and E.J. Dionne reiterate the case for making voting mandatory. But critics (myself included) remain unconvinced. Mar 19,  · The president whose major policy achievement is mandatory health insurance thinks maybe voting should be mandatory, too.

Should voting be mandatory in the
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